Want to get to know the face behind Seabug? Perfect. We want to know you too! Seabug is a Sole Proprietorship that is owned and operated by me: Malia! I've been sewing my whole life, but I really got serious once I had my amazing daughters. As with most kids, my daughters weren't necessarily the "average" sizes. I wanted something unique, comfortable, and hand made... so I got to work. Once I got going, a lot of our friends started to requests clothes for their little ones. Not too long after that, strangers started asking to buy my clothes too! At that point I realized there isn't anything around offering what I am: High-quality, hand-made, custom-fit, cutely-unique, and affordable clothes for your kids. Everything and anything you buy from me is guaranteed to be made from quality materials, and 100% hand-sewn from me; a loving and caring mom committed to providing the best. Unlike a lot of other mom-made companies, I'm 100% compliant in all safety and manufacturing standards. 

I'm also very passionate about humanitarian efforts, societal betterment, and "loving your neighbor." Professionally I've spent a lot of time working with children with special needs, adults with early onset cognitive disorders, international aide relief, and more. If at all possible I'd like to make my brand synonymous with making the world a better place... and you can help me reach that goal! With all my soft sewing scraps I stuff and sew hand-made beds for dogs and cats who don't have homes. I buy extra fabric so I can make hats and other items to go into our care-packages for the homeless. Any piece of clothing I replace from my children's wardrobe is donates to a non-profit that supports single mom's and their children. If you have any other ideas on how I can help, I'd love to hear them!

Anyone who believes in, and supports, these values also joins the Seabug family. Together we can make the world a more comfortable and stylish place!